2001 - 2015


Here's what we know...

Überband was founded in 2001 by lead singer/keyboardist/nudist RyThoJo and guitarist/unlicensed physician Dr. Mick Mitchum. A number of nincompoops passed through their doors. The final line-up included bassist/possible wizard Sumit Das and drummer/actual superhero The Jewish Fury.

They wowed, disgusted, irked, and fascinated the Los Angeles rock scene for well over a decade trying to inject punk aesthetic, dadaist imagery, and instrumental virtuosity into bars where people were just trying to get drunk and laid.

Eventually they broke up because the world isn't a perfect place and humans only deserve so much happiness.

There were highlights...

- They covered the club 14 Below in bologna while playing the Oscar Meyer jingle.

- Singer/songwriter Richard Marx tweeted out a link to their song "Fuck! I'm Richard Marx" simply saying, "This song fuckin' rules!"

- They acted as the house band for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's HitRECord Fall Formal at the esteemed Orpheum Theater, backing up the likes of Sia Furler, Kid Koala, Anne Hathaway, and young Joseph himself.

- They drove a club owner to such feats of drunkenness one night, that he almost got thrown out of his own bar.

- During a San Francisco gig, a former bassist may have thrown furniture into a pool, convinced the hotel clerk it was either the wind or a stranger, and made peace with weed, all while a former drummer was buying crack off a homeless gentleman.

Fun facts!

2 records - "Live in Poland" and "Hamstrapped".

Former members = C-Mack (bass), Pinky "Crowbar" Leatherton (bass), "Special" Ed (drums), Father Anon Vereesh (drums), Eric "The Hippy" Gould (bass)

Real names might be...Ryan Thomas Johnson, David Moeggenberg, Noah Lifschey, and Sumit Das doesn't need a goddamned nickname.