Flying like a fire-lily dragon jumping out of Shanghai

Sick as an ague-pated wimp sucking up to the crime

Avant, oui oui. I raise sword to thee

Cuz he took it all away. And that bastard's got to pay

The whites of their eyes are two ships capsized

That memory-stealing fool will make a mess of you

My assets accrued

It was the best of times

Riding like a full-fated liver on a perfect disease

We catapulted the crap from the mezzanine

Chaka Zulu, what came of you?

As the capital regressed the senator's address

The left to the right, those dogs were in sight

But the natives backed down, getting caught up in impound

And counting their rounds

It was the best of times

Words fell like executive suicide

Dead as a dummy bomb dropped on a sideline

Like to think that we ever had a chance

But those eyes of passion turned askance and

Our leaders have all died

Pulse is still pumping, but the nerves are fried and

I guess that the war is done

When the battle waged, nobody took the time to come

And the best are getting the worst of us

And the worst are getting the best of us