Hamstrapped by Uberband  Live in Poland by Uberband

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You still listen to CDs?! Like albums encased in plastic? I thought I was the only one left. Maybe you're a simple Luddite. Or maybe you acknowledge the fact that CD fidelity is far superior to downloadable options and, in many ways, superior to the "warmth" (hiss) that comes with vinyl. You're a true connoisseur of sound. Nothing about you is on the cutting edge nor ensconced in the magic of nostalgia. The fact that you like CDs won't get you laid...ever! But you'll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you live for quality, uncool as that may be.

Anyway, we've still got a bunch of "Live in Poland"s left and MAY do a short run of "Hamstrapped" if there's a demand. To buy a hard-ass plastic opalescent treasure called "Live in Poland", do the Paypal button.