High school girls. Baby, I've got a car.
I can buy liquor. We don't need to sneak you into a bar.
We can get goofy with a handful of rufies
In the heat of the night, playing with your brand new boobies.
I can buy cigarettes. I can buy beer.
Take a deep breath, baby, and take off your training brassiere
I'll pick you up from your job at In N' Out
And teach you what the name of that place is all about.
Don't you worry, don't you fret
If that hoo-hoo between your legs should get a little bit wet
I'd love to be the first to see that cherry burst
Daddy's gonna go madly with his high school girls
Sorry, sorry darling, but I can't take you to the prom
You know I'd love to, but I'd have to prob'ly meet your mom
Our love is hush-hush, so don't say much
If the police ask about any places that I've touched
They won't understand us. They're gonna brand us.
They're gonna lock me in a cage with some major offendahs
So, relax and lay back with a coke and jack
And get ready for some lovin' from an older mack
I don't mean to hurt you, darling, or injure your teenage ego
But before too late, you'll graduate, and on your way you'll go
So this will be the last time I'll have your piece of ass
And anyway, you're not nearly as much fun as...
Junior high school girls, they're legal in New Hampshire
They fulfill all my fantasies for Christina Aguliera
Those girls with kitty hair, well they just don't compare
To junior high school girls.