I'm the ego blasted
I'm the window cracked
I'm the morning, welcome
I'm in the mirror, handsome
Tell me what do I see
Who else could I be
Like a turbulent dream
Look, I turned into he
Fuck! I'm Richard Marx!
All my words tossed like salad
Turned into power ballads
All about my emotions
And metaphors for the ocean
Like the sun over rain
Richard has won this game
All I want to do now is sing sappy, soggy ditties
Fuck! I'm Richard Marx
Such a man, such a gift
Songs that make spirits lift
When I'm down and I'm done
I turn on "Angelia", Really feel like somone
I can make a cheddar sandwich
Mozzarella tree sap tidbits
I can wear a leather jacket
But I still use a tennis racket