Eins, zwei, Uberzein
Fiddlesticks on Calvin Klein
Searching and she's lurching for the one who's fine and found it on the net
Oh, on the net
My, my, oh denied. Deep fried it all on the net
Mouschwitz, tellytits, feed upon kibbles and bits
She wants a college student who don't knew it
Found a stud and blew it on the net
Oh, on the net
Postman flooey, go kablooey on the net
Read the funnies
Eggs are runny
Moon is sunny
What a dummy, what a dummy
Poostick, what a kick, take a hit from Dr. Mick
Rickets and she's feeling sick, gave her heart to a guy named Rick
Try again, finding zen, beaten down in the devil's den
And then to Lawrence, bit annoyance, like to read William Saroyan, ploying on the net
Oh, on the net
Fine time, freshdesign, whining on the net