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Renfieldv- Circus jazz like Tom Waits with a little metal. RyThoJo and Dr. Mick take part.

Upsilon Acrux - Dr. Mick's played for some time with these kings of "LA Weird".

Noah Lifschey - AKA The Jewish Fury's power pop solo stuff. The Seduction of Agent Moose is available now.

Hill and Tallas - RyThoJo and The Jewish Fury sometimes play under their alter-egos Hill and Tallas. They write singer/songwriter folk songs about astrology, breaking up with women, and salad.

Sumit Das - Sumit is our bassist. He's also a composer and digital animator. We've also heard that he's hot in the sack.

Trash Titan - Former bassist C-Mack's new stoner rock outfit. It's dirty.

Voldar - RyThoJo's alter-ego. Voldar is a binary spaceman sent to Earth to spread the intergalactic word of Funga! Music for Video Games That Never Were is available for complete download at the site and on iTunes.

Batlord - Nosferatu playing garage rock, just like in 'Citizen Kane'. RyThoJo played keyboards for a spell and toured the wide world.

Twisted Mojo - Twisted Mojo is back on the air with new shows. Features the music and voice of RyThoJo.

Danger Theater - Old time radio comedy featuring the voice of RyThoJo.

Ryan Thomas Johnson - Ryan was a teenage actor. He starred in Carnosaur 2. Now he makes more music than sense.


Roadside Attraction - RyThoJo's brother Phil is a stand-up comedian/musician in Northern CA. Drunk people remember him for the red shirt.

Ginger - Good friends of ours and one of the best bands in LA. It's hip hop. It's rock. It's funk. You'll probably get laid if you go to their shows.

The Greening - The Partridge Family downed some brown acid and it sounds like The Greening. These are friends up in San Francisco and they're fuggin' crazy.

The Fuxedos - One of the other best bands in LA and, dare I say, spiritual brothers of Uberband.

Particle - Particle's bassist Eric Gould played for a short time with Uberband in the early days. Now he rummages through "hippy land" with this jam band outfit inspiring more hippies to exist and ultimately securing the world's demise.


Jen Chau - The photographic mistress that took many of the pictures of Überband you see before you. The gal's an artiste.

Migs Photography - Miguel Hernandez has taken some great pictures of us over the years. You should pay him to do the same for you.