From Jerry Actually of

Nine tracks of inane madness are thrust forth with a level of attack that makes you think that Faith No More and Mr. Bungle have been condensed into a singularity. The vocals are hauntingly Pattonesque and the musical melange is both rock and roll and carnival side show. Songs like "Fuck! Iím Richard Marx" and "Heinz 57 and Cocaine" are the slightest indications of the rock-laced ironic humor that comprises this ‹berband. All said, you get quality rock and roll with a serious Faith No More vibe. More humor-based than the aforementioned is, but irony aside, a powerhouse of a disc. I recommend it to you, your mom, your momís friend Mary, your mailman, your buddy Steve.

From Gary Schwind of the OC Examiner

Uberband is your new favorite band...Live in Poland is 38 minutes worth of blistering guitars, funky/jazzy keyboards, and complex rhythms. But then you already knew that, what with Uberband being your new favorite band. If you want to turn your friends on to something very different, or if you just want to tell all of your friends that you have impeccable taste, this is an album you should add to your collection. Your ears will thank you for providing the musical Q-tip to clean out all that passes for music on the radio.

From Mike S. - A reviewer on CD Baby

The music simply has to be heard in order to fully comprehend the sheer magnitude of awesome-sauce Uberband ladles onto every song on this album.

From Colfax's Music Update

Speaking of Frank Zappa, I got a chance to check out Los Angeles' own UBERBAND who completely blew away my expectations at the Joint last week. They are a surprisingly unique blend of sounds. I'd say a great mixture of Zappa, Talking Heads and Megadeth. Not only is their stage presence superior to any band I've ever seen (yes, they blow Tenacious D away), but the music is great quality with hilarious lyrics taboot. If you're any kind of Zappa fan, I'd strongly encourage you to check out UBERBAND.


Ok, there's really no way around it, this band is completely out of their minds, out of control, perplexed, intrigued, intriguing, ridiculously too talented to be playing any less than packed houses. Feeling immersed somewhere between a bizarre fraternity scene, marching band, and Devo's BTM2, I was wondering if David Bowie's body had been cruelly invaded by Elton John in a mad attempt to recreate the whole Whoopi Goldberg/Demi Moore awkward Ghost pseudo lesbian scene. Now, Demi and Gwyneth, that's another story, which segues perfectly to the bleeding obvious standout song, which would be "Paltrow". This opus encapsulates the trademark style of Uberband, which is nonsense fueled by quirky catchy lyrics, a textbook crazy man multi-instrumentalist singer, beautiful chords, and downright baffling, but sophisticated time changes. ~ Catalina Rox